Sunday, August 20, 2006

Epyx: The primordial ooze of L33T-speak?

I swear, I was just wondering last week who owned rights to the Epyx catalog of titles (a significant portion of my early teen years having been spent on a c-64), when today I saw this on Gamasutra:

System 3 Secures Rights To Epyx Titles, Remakes Planned

Well, that answers that, doesn't it?

What it doesn't answer, is why they are remaking the (blang)-Games titles (Winter-, Summer-, etc) and not Jumpman?!?

Ah, Jumpman, you shall always be MY mario.

Until they come to their senses, you can always play the most fabulous, Randy-Glover-Authorized, Jumpman Under Construction.

At least System 3 plans to remake Impossible Mission. That title is timeless. It'll stay a while..... STAY FOREVER!

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