Monday, July 17, 2006

Neilsen to start measuring ads

News here (via Shotgun Marketing blog) that Neilsen, the folks that do the TV ratings, will measure ad effectiveness starting this November (currently the just measure what SHOWS are watched on TV, not per-ad viewership).

This is pretty interesting.

1) I can't beleive they haven't already been doing it. Has there not been demand of objective data from the advertiser community?

2) This should put some real numbers behind the "everyone tivo's them out" hysteria.

3) At the meta level, is there competition between established (TV, print) and new (online, games) media for ad dollars, and is this a response to online giving better consumer-trend feedback?

1 comment:

Mark said...

What I heard is that they're only going to measure per-ad break viewership, and they're going to do that by measuring how many people watch each ad break during a show and then averaging them together. That seems pretty wacky!
So what you really will get is a measure of how many people are skipping the ads during any given show. Hrm.