Sunday, July 30, 2006

From the mouths of babes

While travelling to NY this past week, I had time to catch up on a bunch of podcasts, lectures, and other audio tidbits.

One very cool one I recommend is this recording of a panel held by the Western Association of Venture Capitalists, where they held a panel discussion with a bunch of teens about their use of technology. It's a great first-hand account of trends in the making, and dispells some stereotypes (while reinforcing others).

Loved the quote from the one girl about having 13 IM chat windows open, as well as email and MySpace, and oh yeah, MS Word so that it looked like she was doing homework.

Another favorite was along the lines of "I never use email. All my friends text or im me, or get in touch through MySpace - email is just for teachers to get hold of me so it can only have bad news. If I ignore it, then it isn't there".

Link here.