Friday, July 28, 2006

Better than Steve Jobs

Guy Kowasaki points us to this AWESOME speech given by Majora Carter at the TED conference recently.

He lists a bunch of reasons it's a great speech, saying she's as good as Steve Jobs, but it still didn't prepare me for how moving a speech it was. I have to say that, based on this example, she's a better speaker than Jobs, hands down.

Her speech is on sustainable development in economically and socially neglected areas like the south bronx. While that doesn't soon like an exciting subject, she really makes it come alive.

I agree with all 13 reasons that Guy gives as to why it's a great speech, but I think he missed one: Her obvious life-devoting passion for the subject is what puts the driving force behind all her techniques and tactics.

Oh, and I *love* the way she firmly, but gently, gives Al Gore the smack-down at the tail end of the speech.

Moving. Riveting. Go. View. Now. 30 minutes of your time well spent.

Stream here.
Download here.

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Ben Mattes said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Kim. I'm download both TED talks and putting them on my iPod now. I'll watch them this weekend.

By the way -- welcome back. :) I hope your family is doing well after the latest addition.