Saturday, June 3, 2006

Le Cirque

A few weeks ago I was driving through Redmond and saw a big colored tent had been erected in Marymoore park.

"Hmm... that looks like a Cirque tent" I thought. Sure enough, it was. Alisa and I bought tickets and went last night.

Varekai was my 8th Cirque show (I've also seen Mystere twice, O, Saltimbanco twice, Alegria, and Dralion).

There's no such thing as a poor Cirque show. They are all awesome. Mystere is still my favorite, with O perhaps being the most impressive from a technical aspect. Varekai was on par with Alegria or Dralion. An impressive, quality production, but I wasn't moved like I had been by some of their best performances.

That being said, every time I see them I leave with a renewed appreciation for performers of all kinds and their craft.

* An added note: If you ever go to see one of their shows, try to get good seats, but don't sweat it too much, none of their venues is that large. Also, if you are going to see a show for the second time, just try to sit somewhere different - you'll see many things you may have missed and it'll seem fresh.

* Another note: Is it an unwritten rule that every one of their shows must contain at least one super homoerotic act? What's with that?

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Anonymous said...

i think those guys are twins. at least, that's what i was told when i saw varekai in austin. so it's homoerotic AND incestuous!

because, god, those guys are hot.