Friday, June 16, 2006

Kutaragi crack smokin' continues

Gamasutra has a snippet of quotes from Sony's Kutaragi.

Ignoring the obvious flaws with the build-to-order quote, I enjoyed this one:

According to him the PlayStation 3 will launch with over ten titles on day one.“In the 20 years I’ve worked in the gaming industry, I have never seen so many titles in the playable phase,” he said. “The world has obviously underestimated our progress in software development. It’s likely that many shook their heads in disbelief at seeing the large number of titles actually working before their eyes.”

Umm. ten titles on day one, and "never seen so many titles in the playable phase"? OK, I know that launch is five months off, but didn't PS2 have a launch portfolio of 22 titles? Surely many shook their heads in disbeleif then too?

I shake my head in disbeleif every time he speaks to the press!


archie4oz said...

Like everything else these days, snippets and lack of context leads to colossal amounts of misinterpretation...

Mark said...

I'm surprised you picked THAT quote to pick on. :) There have been many weirder ones lately, from both sides. That Xbox engineer piece on the PS3 architecture... geeeez. :)

10 games on day one would be awesome - given the huge number of things in development, as he mentions, it's totally doable. Fingers crossed!

I think there were only 3 titles on launch day for PS2, if I remember correctly - 24 in October 2000, accourding to NPD.

KimPallister said...

Archie: Ha! Good point. I'm of course also guilty of this :-)

Mark: Good point as well. I'd forgotten about the US vs Japan launch thing in last gen. Was looking at US launch.

Guess we only have 5 months to wait before talk becomes even cheaper :-)