Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Takin' Cosplay to the next level

On May 21, in the Bay to Breakers run in San Francisco, a group of people plan on showing up in full Katamari Cosplay gear, and rolling a giant Katamari for the whole course:

"Join [us] for Bay To Breakers, as we roll a FREAKING HUGE cardboard katamari that shall be carved out of refrigerator boxes, and decorated with elements of the city that we've rolled up along the way. You can come as yourself, or choose from a blithering variety of roll-tastic cousins and kings of cosmoses. It's crowded, it's nerdy, it's way to early in the morning"

Man, what they really need is two groups doing this, and scoring them according to how much crap they duct-tape to it along the way!