Friday, May 5, 2006

New Mac ads

I think the new mac ads are top notch.

In particular, I like the 'iLife' one, which is a Classic Geoffrey Moore bowling-pin strategy at work.

Don't be confused because it's a different product being sold to (largely) the same consumers. It's still a different market. It's using credibility (regarding 'it just works' ease of use, with added 'it's real stylish') earned with one market, the market for consumer digital audio players, to 'knock down the pin' of another market, the market for personal computers, specifically the market for casual-usage personal computers. To those people that want to do email, surf the web, and post baby pics on the web - and nothing else - the message of "we can make this as easy as we did your digital music" has got to be *very* powerful.


Anonymous said...

"It Just Works" and "Apple Design" predate the iPod by more than a decade, and is a reference to MacOS and iMac (and most every Macs preceding it). Granted, it is the iPod that has pushed these ideas into the mainstream consciousness.

I agree that the casual use market is the aim, but casual use also fits into most small business models too (email, web, word processing)... so this is a very fat market to aim for.

KimPallister said...

I agree it's a fat market. And I agree that small biz is part of it. I was mainly making the point about leveraging credibility earned in one market to 'knock down' another.

Anonymous said...

Those were funny ads, but I've always hated Macs, and i still do.
It was a nightmare working on a mac, thank got it had a command line interface with OSX, so i can do some Unix magics istead of using it's windows system.