Friday, May 19, 2006

Holy Uncanny Valley!

Steve points us to this awesome demo video for the upcoming adventure title Heavy Rain.

Super cool. Super creepy. Great example of the 'uncanny valley'


Anonymous said...

Actually, if you watched it render at the PS3 booth, it wasn't creepy. Pretty amazing. Watching a small video replay of it removes a lot of the detail and (apparently) shifts it into the valley. Interesting artifact of not seeing real deal?


Mark said...

Yeah! Real-time on PS3 in 1080p! Woot!
They should have probably spent a bit more time on the mouth movement; it's the one thing which throws it into the uncanny valley the most. But the intensity of emotion in this is pretty damn impressive. Love the depth of field too.
When it shifts from the kitchen scene back to the CG actress, you can see the actual actress for a few frames - check it out!

Pappy said...

Could we actually be seeing the rise back *out* of the uncanny valley? This is still pretty creepy, yet not quite as bad as other stuff I've seen (ya'll see that Tiger Woods EA thing?)