Sunday, May 28, 2006

Finished Tomb Raider Legend

I finished Tomb Raider: Legend last night. Given that I only finish 3-4 games a year, I guess that's saying something.

If I were to rate it (which I guess I am then), I'd say 8 on 10. Others may go higher/lower depending on what they like out of a game, as it combines a number of distinctly different elements:

  • As a puzzle/platformer, it's a 9. Very much in the spirit of the original TR, with clever level design, a lot of variety. Very well engineered. The 'needed bits' of the puzzles were findable without always sticking out like a sore thumb; I only once found a place where I could get character stuck (from the technical sense, like their bounding box found it's way outside the level boundary), etc. Anyhow, both a good sense of exhileration from some of the levels (drama, vertigo..) and accomplishment from some of the puzzles.
  • As a shooter, it's an 7 or maybe an 8. Giving a little credit here because it's not the core part of the game, but hte shooting/action sequences don't feel wedged into the control scheme. It works, and there's a good sense of drama & accomplishment.
  • As a Dragon's Lair clone, it's a 5 :-). Sorry, but I hate that "press the presecribed buttons as we walk you through the cut-scenes" element. I did NOT feel more involved as a result, and actually felt like I couldn't enjoy the cinematics as much due to the distraction.
  • I'd give the story and presentation a 6. That's actually saying a lot. Put it this way: The story is predictable and unoriginal, but that's what you expect in a James Bond or Indiana Jones movie, right? From that perspective it was acceptable. The acting wasn't great, but for a games was above par. For what it's worth, I found the writing and acting to be better than any of the Tomb Raider movies :-)

Anyhow, I recommend it, esp. to fans of the first game.


Anonymous said...

OK - here is something rather sick - have you read your 360 blog? It tracks your behaviour and passes it on to all of us... damn.

I can even tell when you are online with the console...which you are as I am writing this.

KimPallister said...

Yeah, it's kind of nifty.

What do you mean by passes on? You mean if you subscribe? It's not spamming you, is it? Naughty Eliza-blog!

It's a little misleading too. I left the console on while it was downloading the Amped demo. I'm actually at the office tonight :-(

Unknown said...

I'm not aware of the Dragon's Lair angle. In Metal Gear Solid 3 you could move the camera around, and zoom, during some cut scenes. (E.g. you can ogle Eva, find The Sorrow looking on in some scenes, etc.) Is this different, in that action is required?

KimPallister said...

It's a bit tongue in cheek, but yes, there's specific points in the cutscene where a big "A" will pop up, and if you don't press the A button within a certain amount of time, it branches to a failure path in the cutscene.