Monday, May 15, 2006

E3 decompress

I'm back from E3. It was fun, but I feel like I missed most of it, due to being hidden in a meeting room for most of the show. On Friday I went to dinner with Mark, Jamil, and about 15 other people. As all compared notes on the games they thought were most impressive, I hadn't seen any of them (save Gears of War, which looks da bombdiggitydoo!)

There's been lots of posts on other's blogs about the MS keynote/press event (which I attended), vs those from Sony & Nintendo (which I didn't attend but will view videos of this week). Sentiment most seemed to reflect was a ranking of Nintendo-->MS-->Sony.

Many dissed the PS3 high pricepoint, and while it is high, I wasn't sure how it compared historically (though I did hear several make 3DO references). How pleased I was, then, to come across this post on Curmudgeon Gamer, comparing absolute prices of consoles over the past 30 years, and also relative, adjusted for inflation:

It needs the Xbox360 pro version added, as well as the higher-priced sku of PS3, but still it's interesting. It would also be interesting to map installed base of each vs price. Is there a "doomed threshold" beyond which consoles don't succeed? Could it be that simple? Hmm...


Anonymous said...

You still think Sony will miss this year's ship dates?

Costco has a pretty good bundle with the Xbox 360 (with HD), two wireless controllers and PGR3 for $489.00 - I might just have to buy one... if I can convince Christina to let me ;-)

Matthew said...

An interesting graph. It's good to see that the more recent consoles are cheaper than the earlier models.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! Didn't know you left Oregon and Intel, but sounds like you're having fun at MSFT. :-)

paul parenteau

KimPallister said...

Hey Paul!

Yes, it's been a while now. I joined MS last July.