Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Radio feels the podcasting dent in ratings

In this news article about Bridge Ratings latest findings (they are to radio as Neilson is to TV ratings), there are some interesting stats about how traditional radio is feeling the digital hit. Among the interesting points:

  • Today's 94% penetration for traditional terrestrial radio is projected to hit 85% by 2010. i.e. bleeding 3 points a year. OUCH! And that's assuming no drastic new tech and/or biz model breakthroughs.
  • Thought the hit was due to Stern and satellite? Nope. They are also dropping. Average hours/week amongst satellite users is down from 16 to 12 hours (just among those that have continued using the service for more than a year. So it could be they are getting bored, but either way, it's down).
  • Of those asked why they listen to radio less or not at all any more, 27% said due to MP3's, 3% attributed it to podcast listening. "Podcasting is beginning to show evidence of cannibalizing radio's time-spent-listening" is how they put it.

MAN! I love disruptive tech.

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