Sunday, April 30, 2006

Funky Bass

Came into the office tonight to get some work done. Have some tunes crankin' in order to do so. Tonight's work involved some contract authoring, and that meant one thing: Disco time.

Sly (and family) know what it's like to wade through the legalese!
Anyhow, all I have to say is that if you played the bass, there was no better time to be alive than the late seventies. The roles of the bass and guitar have been flipped ever since, as it was the only time in history where the bass was the dominant instrument and the guitar was strictly background (wacka-wacka).

All apologies to Flea, Les Claypool and funky-ass-bass-est of them all, Norwood Fisher, for keeping the dream alive, but I'm afraid it's all been downhill for bass players since the Disco Inferno.
(BTW, where do I get me a killer leopard print suit like that dude is rockin?!)


bass-me-up -> getting back into music said...

right on !!

i play bass. but i a was a little baby boy when funk and disco was hip.

one of my all time favorites is george clintons p-funk with the great bootsy collins on bass. and by the way that's where flea learned a lot of his stuff :-)

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