Tuesday, April 11, 2006

C'est ma fete!

Well, happy birthday to me. How old am I? Old, dang nabbit!

For my birthday, I got an absolutely *crazy* day at work. While busy, it was very cool in that I met with three different companies all doing really cool, really different, things. While I of course can't say who or what it was all about, it was interesting to see that in three completely different parts of the digital universe, amazing things are going on. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it was a very eye-opening and encouraging day.

However, I had to stay till almost seven, which wouldn't have been too bad except I had the wife & kids waiting at home with dinner & b-day cake. And yes, I ingested my first carb-loaded food since I decided to go low-carb. I am now back on the wagon and ALisa will just need to eat the rest of the cake herself, of course with the munchkins more than willing to help.


Anonymous said...

I think you're still younger than me! :) Happy Birthday Kim. Happy to hear the fam hooked you up with cake and smiles!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cool !
I wasn't aware our birthdays were so close together. I'm on April 10th.

Happy Birthday !
Oded !

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and all that good stuff!!!


Dan said...

Bon Anniversaire! At least you're not as old as my grandmother, who turned 97 yesterday. :)

Anonymous said...

BTW - happy belated bday. Blogger is not allowed in China!

Matthew said...

Happy birthday. Should treat yourself to chocolate cake - then again maybe not.