Saturday, April 29, 2006

360 woes

Well, finally got myself a 360. Yay! Got it home.... GPU overheating problem. Doh!...

3% of systems, eh? Hmm....

Anyhow, back to swap it out this afternoon.

Haven't connected to live yet (have a core system right now. Still need me a hard drive), but will in the near future. Gamertag (0 points, the shame of it all) at right.

[Update: Swapped it out, no hassles, and the replacement works fine. Played a little PGR3 tonight (Alisa had a go as well), and spent an hour or so playing Tomb Raider Legend]


Mark said...

In the past two weeks, I know two people whose Xbox 360's have fried. Now it sounds like three!
Goshdarn hot silicon!

Pappy said...

add me to the list as well.

It's weird though, I only get the three red lights every once in a while. I'm still waiting on EB to restock so I can swap it out.


Anonymous said...

So what games did you get with it? The kameo one is the only one I'm really thinking of getting if I ever get that console. I think I'll wait until they do that die shrink first though due to the problems like you're having.

But then again the xbox is the only console in the last generation I didn't get. Not much incentive to get one when all the games eventually get ported to the pc, often with better controls.

Anonymous said...

I liked PGR3, beautiful game and fun to play... but the load times kill me. I've been playing GT4 on the PS2 lately in addition to GH. The combination of available time, the fun factor with the current games I'm playing, and the lack of titles on 360 will put off my purchase of the new XBOX HW until a later date... Plus, I'm waiting for GT5 (PS3 - which is looking to shape up with a nice collection of launch titles)... The Wii's launch collection (including Zelda) is looking good as well.