Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wacky co-passenger

I had to fly down to San Francisco yesterday for some meetings, and caught the 6:15am out of Seatac to get down in time.

I get a middle seat (grr..) in the last row of the plane (double grr...). In the 15 rows in front of me, and in the seat to my right, are about 50 college kids on their way to Cabo for spring break. Needless to say, the plane was quite loud. My annoyance was equal parts "too much noise, damn kids" and "I wish I was going to Cabo with those damn kids!"

On my left, a guy in his (guessing) mid-twenties who was really friendly but seemed a little odd. Turns out he is a (HIS description, not mine) "Recently released from psych, bi-polar, homeless, born again christian and spoken word poet & rapper".

So anyhow, this guy alternates between preventing me from working by involving me in conversations (interesting ones, at least some) and shouting prayers at the kids on the plane to try and prevent them from committing too many sins while in Cabo (uh, yeah. Good luck with that).

Anyhow, it was an interesting flight.

He did say one thing that amused me though. When a few folks were comparing where they were from (there were some Canadians on the plane too), someone asked him his nationality and he replied "I'm originally from Pennsylvania, but I like to introduce myself as Pangaean". I got a kick out of that.


Matthew said...

Hello again Kim. As you posted on my blog a couple of times I was wondering if you could provide a link on your blog to mine.

Best regards.

Matthew said...

Also, I have up-dated my blog with a new entry:

The Best of the Web

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Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't tell you he was a heathen....;)

Anonymous said...

Did you see olberman today? Northwest airlines wants to charge $15 extra to passengers to be seated on the aisle. Weak!