Monday, March 6, 2006

Seth Godin Google talk

This is an AMAZING lecture by Seth Godin given to a bunch of Google employees.

In it he talks a lot about creating meaning and giving people something to talk about. There are definitely conclusions applicable to the game development world. (i.e. his talk about little girls' socks reminded me an awful lot of how Katamari Damacy's popularity spread amongst teh gaming community. i.e. Did you play the game? Why? Because you read an ad? A review? I'd venture to say that most people that played it had it recommended or shown to them by a friend).

Anyhow, he's a great speaker and it's a pleasure to watch. The content is definite must-see, so GO NOW!


Anonymous said...

That was the most supremely retarded drivel I've ever been privy to. Your standards have greatly degraded...

KimPallister said...

Well, anon, to each his own I guess. I still think it was pretty strong. And I'm as skeptical as ever!

I had a great example of 'permission based marketing' happen over the weekend. At least I'd call it that. Maybe you'd call it 'good salesmanship'. I'm not sure they are different.

A new business started up in the area. To-your-door dry cleaning, offering pickup and delivery. How did they sell it? Door to door salesmen. And Man, do I hate door to door salesmen. However, what this guy did was different. No foot in the door, no pushy tactics. He left a bright green laundry bag with us and said, "we'll come back in a few days. If you are not interested, just leave the bag outside. Otherwise, we'll drop off a price list and info sheet at that time". So when he comes back, what do we do? We have questions, so we invite him in. But he didn't have to ask to be let in. Permission based marketing, promise of service, etc. I'd say it's pretty relevant.

Anonymous said...

What I thought was particularly cool about this was that it was posted to Google Video. How many great guest speakers have you had at your company or univ. that you wished your counterparts were privy to - it's just good business to share sometimes. I know there were a few times from my days at Intel where I wished that was the case. EA - not so much - mostly because we didn't have guest speakers. ATI - once or twice so far in my time here.

I hope that permission-based marketing becomes an idea in the heads of more media ad agencies. Take those damn moving ads off my webpages - I hate 'em -- which is why I use Camino and Firefox with their ad-blocking software. Why is TiVo so popular (besides the record feature)? XM radio? iTunes? We can consume media without the annoying ads, but still have the power to permit (in most cases) certain products to be marketed to us. Brilliant, show - thanks for the pointer!

KimPallister said...

Both MS research and the Channel 9 guys post a lot of talks (formal & informal) with experts (both internal, external).

Some examples:

(my favorite) James Burke at an MS research sponsored ACM keynote:

Unfortunately, some only get posted internally, like the one from Bruce Campell (Bruce Campell speaking at MSR: