Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Second round for Second Life

Second Life has scored $11M in a second round of funding.

While I find many of the developments that I read are occurring in the 'game', I really hope they use a big chunk of that money to license a 3D engine, or write a new one, that is not, well, ass.

I've tried my hand at SL a couple of times but have zero patience for circa 1998 style rendering artifacts and crashes.

Also, last time I spent any significant amount of time in SL, I deemed it a "digital shanty town" that was in dire need of an urban planner. Perhaps that part has improved, or they can use this money to hire one. I can't tell if it's improved because I tried to log in the other day and it only ran at 2fps on my 3Ghz multi-threaded box with uber GPU. :-)


Anonymous said...


Why should the chaotic and unplanned nature of A DIFFERENT WORLD (Second Life) be subject to the same boring and rational rules that planners apply to OUR WORLD (First Life)?

KimPallister said...

I didn't say they should be the *same* rules.

I just said that the chaotic layout/nature of SL results in a chaotic experience for most of it's visitors. Some of them may be ok with that. I'd submit that the majority of people are not.