Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's all about BEER

I like good beer. And I like good analogies. So I sure was happy when on I read this fabulous quote from Glenn Reynolds. He was drawing an analogy between journalism and beer making, but I think it could equally be applied to game development & the indie games:

  • Without formal training and using cheap equipment, almost anyone can do it. The quality may be variable, but the best home-brews are tastier than the stuff you see advertised during the Super Bowl. This is because big brewers, particularly in America, have long aimed to reach the largest market by pushing bland brands that offend no one. The rise of home-brewing, however, has forced them to create "micro-brews" that actually taste of something. In the same way, argues Mr Reynolds, bloggers--individuals who publish their thoughts on the internet--have shaken up the mainstream media (or MSM, in blogger parlance).

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