Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GDC = The Crazy

I'm flying down to GDC wed morning on the 6am (yawn!) for a few crazy days of back-to-back meetings. I hope I actually make it to some sessions! I hope I make it to the show floor! I hope I actually make it out of the meeting room!

If you are down there, say hi. I'll try to make the blogger meetup on wed at 4, and will be at the Minna Mingle, Sony Party, and MS party.

Also, if you are down there, don't forget to contribute to the wiki!.


Anonymous said...

Again, i can't make it to GDC, both the cover charge and the 1500$ cross atlantic flight from Israel is just too much for an independent game developer...

Have fun !
I'll be watching a full solar eclipse while in real life.

jay said...

Looked for you at the MinnaMingle and the Sony party, but didn't find you. Had to leave around midnight to get enough sleep for another long day to come on Thursday. Will look for you again then. =)