Monday, March 20, 2006

GDC 2006 Wiki is up!

A couple days back, I posted something saying it might be a nifty idea for someone to put together a wiki for everyone to collaborate on their GDC session summaries. I had the idea after reading a bunch of people post about how they were struggling with the conference session overlap due to all the choice content.

Well, super-hero Will put something together in a hurry, which everyone can start using today. I registered a domain and pointed to it, but it'll probably take a day or so to propagate across domain servers. So, you can try:
[UPDATE: This seems to redirect properly as of noon today]

and if that doesn't work, go here:

Feel free to post session notes, or if you are going to blog them on your own blog, then post a link to your blog entry in the appropriate place on the wiki.

Be nice to see this get used. :-)

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