Tuesday, March 28, 2006


OK, I didn't want a DS, because HW design-wise, it was ass compared to the PSP.

Then I started seeing titles. And I wanted a DS. But I didn't get one because no one titles was *really* killer enough for me to go get it.

Then I saw the brain-training game, and I wanted one, but still didn't do it.

Then as I pointed out to Justin, this 'pictochat' stuff that I thought was just for note-passing in class, well, isn't. It's for note-passing at conferences! Or more constructively labelled, back-channel conversation during lectures & keynotes.

And now I really, really, want one.

But there's a new form factor coming out soon, so I'll hold off :-)


Anonymous said...

dude, they're only $129 USD. Just go get one. The Brain Age game alone is worth the cost of the HW. The rest of the titles and "social software" are awesome, and face it, it's a cool platform.

Beware, though, I got 2 bad ones (w/burned out pixels) from Best Buy. I ended up returning them both and getting a good one from Target. So, when you get it, you might plug it in and do a quick test before waiting for the battery to charge up entirely.

Pappy said...

Have you seen the way the 'museum'-type place (in league with Ninty)used them in Japan? Basically, they stripped the buttons, made it comfortable to hold like a book (90 degree rotation), and the software recognized where in the building you were and presented location-based information and games. Beautiful :)