Monday, February 6, 2006

When game tat's go wrong

So I get into Amsterdam, decide to check mail before running off to meetings and I am greeted with the following.

Its kitchy to get a gaming-themed tattoo, right?

Oh no it's not. Not in this case.

Behold. Pac-man butt. Courtesy Alice's blog.

Like she said. Oh. My. God.

Dreadful thought: Where, oh where, is the warp tunnel?!? AHHH!


Anonymous said...

I think you mean "wrap tunnel", no?

Of course, this tat is not true to the game, as it sports multiple warp tunnels on the same side of the map, rather than opposite sides.

Yuck. B

TW - Kim, when are you getting your game-themed tat, and where will you put it? You are in the right place to get one... just drop by a coffee house for a few hours and let (moronic) nature takes its course....

KimPallister said...

No, I meant warp tunnel. Though it wrapped, pac-man accelerates speed while going through it, so most called it a warp tunnel.

Either way, there'll be no game- or other-theme tat for me, thank you very much.

JimC said...

Oh come on... After you finish Guitar Hero on expert, you're going to get a Guitar Hero tat so you can show the world...

roBin said...

my eyes!!!