Sunday, February 19, 2006


Well, the weekend's almost up, and I still have a ton of work to do. Didn't have a chance to do much productive while in the middle of vomit-cleanup duty Friday night. Yuck. Ran a few errands yesterday, watched a bit of TV, played some Guitar Hero.


- Seattle east sider metrosexuals (or closet metrosexuals like myself) should definitely check out Weldon Barber. New one opening in Kirkland soon.
- Watched another episode of Hustle. Still an awesome show. Love the concept, the way it's filmed, and most of the cast are pretty good. (BTW, the website has a section on the history of some 'classic' cons, one of which is "The Spanish Prisoner" a scam that originated in 1588, but exists today in the form of the "nigerian money transfer" spam scam.)
- Finished a short book this weekend, "Playing Around: My Adventures on the" by Dorothy Rosencrans. A good (and quick) read for anyone in the casual games space looking to get a better grip on who their customers are.
- Guitar Hero: I've hit a wall. I've finished all 30 songs on medium, but only 4 on hard and only 1 on expert. >:-(

I also made two Cheney jokes, neither of which was terribly great, but that I hadn't heard anyone else say, so I'll state them here:

- Cheney's a man of action.... PUMP-ACTION!
- "Quail? Oh, I thought we were hunting QUAYLE!"

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