Wednesday, February 1, 2006


EA announced a 5% staff layoff across their studios.

Of course this sucks for those being laid off, and for those still there having to watch others pack up and leave. However, if it's done right, (i.e. make that 5% your slow performers, problem children, etc), then it's good for the company long term.

EA's definitely at the size (~7000 world wide) where they've got to worry about the bozo factor.

Now if it's being done wrong and bozos are staying while quality people are let go, well, that's bad by a larger degree. Not only does you "bozo percentage" go UP, but you demoralize those still there who think "why did they lay off Joe and keep Schmo?"

Regardless, my sympathies to those laid off and to those friends of mine still there who had to go through what was surely a crappy day at work.


In other stumbling news, Google missed estimates and that lopped $40 off the stock. This is not surprising, given all that's been written about the improbability of their sustaining the revenue growth rate of the past year. What's surprising is that people still are betting on them. Aren't these analysts supposed to look at things objectively and calculate figures, not just be wooed by lunacy? This just proves I don't get the stock market at all. Sigh.

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