Saturday, February 11, 2006

Media experiences

Alisa and I took the twins to their first movie today, Curious George.

It was a big hit, but perhaps a little long to sit in a theatre for kids their age. Still, was good fun. Oh that George. He's so curious!

Later this evening, I worked on my own media experiences by setting up my Logitech Harmony 890 Remote. Woohoo! Finally, one remote to rule them all!

I've set it up so far to control the media center PC, my projector, my ReplayTV, my DVD player, my CD changer, my PS2, and my AV Receiver. The setup was pretty painless once I got past one glitch (browser security settings prevented it from fetching updates).

Last thing to do now is set up the RF component so that it will control the music from rooms out of line of site.


Justin said...

I've been considering one of the Harmony remotes someday when I have my home media center integrated and extended like a smart octopus all over my place. Logitech makes a remote that will turn on the Xbox 360, power up your stereo and fry bacon with one button press. If you can get the macros set right from your PC. huh.

KimPallister said...

Yeah, that's one of the harmony remotes.

Nothing stopping you configging (that's a word, as of right now) any of their remotes to work a 360. The one they have for it just matches, color-wise, and has a similar button layout for some functions.

I liked the 880/890 because of the color display, and the 890 adds RF, so you don't need to be in line-of-sight. It has an RF receiver that will translate the RF to IR, for devices that don't use RF. I haven't set that part up yet (next weekend) but so far I really like it.