Sunday, February 19, 2006

Good presentations online

I just love a good presentation. Something well thought through, well structured, well written, and well presented. I don't see many such presentations (let alone deliver such presentations - though I aim to improve...), but came across a couple this weekend. Both of them are aimed at "non-gamer" audiences about the promise and future of the medium, but they are both thought provoking enough to warrant some time from gamers and game industry folk

  • Raph Koster (always entertaining and a couple steps ahead of the rest of us) offers us a link to his talk on "The medium that ate my world". Watch it with streaming video. Raph even acts a little when presenting, so it's worth watching. If you've read A Theory of Fun, much of it is repeat, but worth watching anyway. If you haven't read the book, this will likely incite you to go buy it.
  • Alice points us to this presentation from Kim Plowright on what the future of 'interactive fiction' means to writers, among others. Thought provoking and with good speaker notes to boot. (Kim, we forgive you for the shoddy layout, the preso more than makes up for it :-)