Thursday, February 23, 2006

Breaking records

You have to hand it to the Rolling Stones. In their sixties, with many dozens of world tours under their belts, and with album sales that will never top those of their peak, they are still out there doing it.

So how to you top everything you've done before when you have done so much? You go to one of the biggest, densest urban centers of the world, one with a reputation of loving to party, and you hold a free concert. And the you make the venue big enough to accomodate all that show up.

And then a million people show up.

Hey-SOOS! That's a lot of people!

Here's a pic nabbed from the BBC article:

A MILLION people! I've been to a concert with, I beleive it was 40,000 people, and THAT's nuts. Now multiply by 25. Crazy.

Way to go Stones. Nice topper. What's next?

[update: The article points out that the same venue once saw a larger crowd - when Rod Stewart did a free show there attracting 3.5M people. The most shocking thing about this, of course, is that through volume, even with a low estimated percentage hit-rate, you get an enormous number of people who find Rod Stewart sexy. Even accounting for the subset who really want his body, and the remainder that just reach out and touch him, it's still in the thousands! *Shudder*]

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