Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Boing boing indeed

In the (pun intentional - you'll see) running for craziest flash app of the year, it's a bouncing breast simulator from a sports-bra manufacturer.

Link. (Safe for work in Europe and my native quebec. Increasingly unsafe for work as you head westward across canada. Not safe for work anywhere in the puritan-rooted US of A.)

via (snicker, snicker) Boing Boing.


Billy Zelsnack said...

This is brilliant marketing. The link will get passed around by guys, but in the process a ton of gals will see it.

It was just silly for them to use graphics for it instead of just playing movies of real models.

kim said...


If I don't get back to the gym soon, *I* may need it!

Billy Zelsnack said...

Isn't 'gals' equiv to 'guys'? I thought it was.

Yeah. If the sun does not come out soon.. Perminent breast damage may be my fate as well.