Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Time to sweat off those cheezy-poofs!

GameSetWatch had a post about Kraft foods new 'ActiveGaming' effort which is pretty cool.

They've commissioned a couple DDR-style titles (one dancing-themed, another whack-a-mole style) and are selling a USB game pad for 9.99 (for shipping/handling).

I was of course very cynical at first, thinking it was (a) blatant advergaming, and (b) just a 'look, we're doing something about our cheese snacks' type of effort to pre-empt inclusion in obesity-related lawsuits.

However, having looked at the site (one of the games has a Flash version playable by mouse), the advergaming is subdued to say the least. And offering up gamepads at or below cost is certainly putting your money where your mouth is. So, kudos to Kraft.

I'll post a follow up after my gamepad arrives (hey, it was only ten bucks!)

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