Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Some good biz reads

Thinking a lot lately about the 'Web 2.0' movement (or bubble, for you skeptics) and it's implications to the game biz. Anyhow, I've come across a number of good reads, so I'll post them here. My thoughts on how this all affects the games biz specifically later, but I didn't want to wait to post.

  • Privacy as a Property Right - good mechanical argument that your personal information is not just yours by right of privacy - it's property and thus protected under a number of other rights.
  • The NewEconomics of Media - by Umair Haque - a great PPT on media economics in the new age. This does a MUCH better job of capturing what I was trying to say about the media value chain in my game industry 2.0 post. Read it once, bang your head on your desk, read it again. It's pretty deep, so not for when the brain is drifting.
  • Death by Risk Aversion - on Creating Passionate Users Blog. Not really '2.0' related, but a good read for anyone at large risk-averse companies (MS, Intel, EA, etc). As a bonus, the graphics scattered throughout the text are *wonderful*.

Now you've got something to do over that morning latte. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pointers! I thought the risk-aversion piece was pretty well written... I find it interesting how some people seem to have the common sense that is "big-picture" thinking while others tend to get wrapped up in the details of something that ultimately matters very little. I think I tend to find myself somewhere in the middle of that path with some hot-headed temperment mixed in from time to time. But Kim, you know me pretty well (I even worked for Kim for a few years) so maybe you have a more realistic perspective (it is challenging to judge oneself fairly and objectively).... I digress - thanks again for the pointers, I'll be sure to check out the new-econ of media next...

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