Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Sights for the eyes today.

I had to get up before 4 am to make my 6am fligth out of SeaTac (yawn). My Alaskan flight left on time (surprise) out of SUPER thick fog. When we got about 100 feet up, we shot out of it, revealing a thick blanket that covered the landscape. The traffic lights and buildings left eerie colored glowing patches in the fog that looked really cool. Unfortunately, the cell-phone cam wasn't up to the task.

About 30 minutes later, we were flying directly over the crater of St Helens, which was fantastically lit because of it's coat of snow and the blue glow of early dawn.

Two hours after that I was cruising around Marina Del Rey on my way to a meeting, seeing all the pretty boats under a strange yellow orb in the sky (Seattle just ended a ~40 day streak of no sun appearance :-(

Anyhow, lots of variety in the eye candy dept. Can't wait until phone cams get up to dedicated-device quality of today.

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Mark said...

i hate those frickin early flights. soooo painful. always so nice to get somewhere early though. :)