Saturday, January 28, 2006

Guitar Hero

First off, let me say this: Anyone who complains to me about "complete lack of innovation in games today" runs the risk of being beaten to death with my Guitar Hero peripheral.

Why would I resort to violence? Because I am a raging-against-the-machine guitar-weilding rock super star, that's why!

OK. Calming down now.

I picked up Guitar Hero today first chance I got and played it for some time tonight. Not having the patience to struggle with it too much, I played it on medium and when through the first dozen songs without too much struggle. Alisa liked the game too, making it through a couple tunes, dancin' and rockin' out while doing so. She wasn't crazy about the selection of songs (not to her taste) so she asked that I play more and unlock some for her to play tommorrow).

There is something very special about this game if it can get my wife rockin' out to Iron Maiden, let me tell you.

Surprisingly, on medium level, the only songs I struggled with were the couple that I actually know how to play on the real guitar. They simplify the riffs some, dropping a couple notes out, which I'd re-introduce out of habit and get penalized for (of course you don't make actual 'notes' with the fret buttons, but I'd hit the right hand peripheral where there should have been a note but wasn't).

Brilliant game. Go buy!

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