Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Good friends and Guitar Heros

Since I was in LA with an evening free, I arranged to meet up with some local friends. Souris and Sylvio were nice enough to host, Stefanie and Justin also attended, as did Sylvio's friend visiting from France,

Hearty Lasagna, good wine and stinky cheese were had by all. (At least we thought the wine was good, but who can tell what with the cheese and all).

A good time was had by all. We played some Xbox 360 titles (I'd brought a couple gifts) but most importantly: I finally tried the most awesome goodness that is Guitar Hero. And I am in full agreement. It is the fully overlapping Venn diagram that is Awesome + Goodness.

Comments and nits about the game: It's pretty cool and does an OK job of simulating the very basics of the feeling of playing guitar. The 'strum' part of the peripheral is well done, and the fret buttons are ok.

I'd have liked it if it differentiated between up and down strokes as it could make a difference on advanced levels. Also, at first glance it appears that advanced levels just means 'more notes faster'. Would have been nice if they'd done a variancy in error tolerance on button accuracy, maybe lag on the controller?

Also, other than appearance, it wasn't apparent what the difference was between characters and different guitars. If they did vary stats (e.g. accuracy vs endurance), they should have showed the difference. If they didn't vary stats, well, opportunity lost

end aside.]

Anyhow. Was fun, but I have to get to bed now!

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adam lake said...

these skilz will go well with my new creative prodikeys keyboard :)