Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Canadian Political Satire Game!

OMG! This is toooooo funny.

Someone pointed me to Joe Rhino, a Flash based game of brilliant Canadian political Satire. You play (you guessed it) Joe Rhino, the leader of the Rhino party.

For you non-Canucks, the Rhino party was a bona-fide Canadian political party from the 60's to the 90's, originally started by separatists to contest the federal election, it eventually came to represent the measure of disenchanted voters across the country. When asked to describe their platform, their leader once said "about two feet tall and made of wood". I remember them once promising to (a) chop off the rocky mountains and use them to make sloping bicycle paths from Vancouver to Newfoundland and back, and (b) to empty the lachine canal in Montreal and fill it with champagne. Not that those promises mattered, since they always vowed to never keep any promises they made, since the other parties never did anyway.

Anyhow, the Joe Rhino game is not the greatest game, but there's a ton of variety, and the content is brilliantly funny. I made it through level one dodging falling pieces of the olympic stadium while dodging reporters questions, level two "smash the NDP", level three "nab the undecided voter", only to be defeated in the boss fight against the risen-from-the-grave spectre of Rene Levesque!

Must-play for all canadians and ex-pats!

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