Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beat match

Progress on Guitar Hero continues. I got past my last stall, and knocked off 3 more songs. Stuck now on both Cowboys from Hell (the fingering is not too hard but the half-beats that occasionally pop in screw me up) and Bark at the Moon (though I only tried this one a couple times).

To mix it up a bit I went back and played through the first group of songs on Hard setting. Adding the fifth 'fret' adds a small level of difficulty as your left hand can no longer stay stationary, but other than that it's not much different. Will have to try expert tommorrow.

After I was all done playing and needed to get some work done, only then did I notice the shipping package at the front door..... my Kraft Dance Pad had arrived! I didn't get a chance to try it yet, but will write it up once I do.

Had dinner with a couple good friends that were both in from out of town on separate biz trips. Good sushi was had by all at Flo in Bellevue.