Monday, January 2, 2006

Ask not of my yo-yo-fu, for it is legion.

Alice posted this about a cool new toy called Kodai Djinns. What is it? Take a yo-yo, embed a tamagochi-style game in it, let it communicate via infrared with other units and what do you get? A head-to-head wireless battle where your Kodai Djinn warriors are levelled-up by your spinning them up to power and playing the on-device games.

It's been a while since I've spun the yo, but I was pretty good at it back in the day. I wonder if they sense the length of spin at the end of the string, or if tricks are being done. Would be very cool if you could unlock powers by doing a Man-on-the-Trapeze (which was about the limit to my abilities)

Mind you, that was back on a standard Duncan ol'school wood yo yo. In MY day we din't have no fancy-shmancy magnesium, ball-bearing-axle, high-end yo yo's! (BTW, a cool thing to do would be to light that magnesium yo yo on FIRE while doing 3-leaf clovers with it!

Maybe if I got one of those fancy new yo yo's, I'd be able to compete with THIS GUY. Holy cow, that guy is so awesome.

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