Sunday, January 8, 2006

Adios, Las Vegas!

If you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.

I was in the Vegas airport squinting at friends blogs on my smart phone when I read on Steve Lacey's site that the Vegas airport has free wi-fi. Duh. Pull out laptop. I'd just assumed that they'd charge for it, since you pay for EVERYTHING in vegas.

So I've survived another trip to vegas. I definitely took it easier than in my younger days, but it still takes it's toll on you. Average day at one of these big conferences tends to go something like this:

- 7am - get up, shower, dress
- 8am - Futile attempt to get hotel wifi to work
- 9am - grab coffee, head to show
- 8 hours of walking and standing. Generally no lunch
- 6pm - 30 minutes of figuring out what to do
- 6:30 pm - 40 minute wait in a line for some kind of shuttle/cab/etc to get to where you are supposed to meet for dinner
- 8:00 pm drinks to tie you over until your earliest-we-can-do-is-10pm dinner reservation
- long dinner, more drinks, back to hotel

Guess I shouldn't complain. I don't clean out septic tanks for a living.

Anyhow, it was cool that I was able to see so many friends from around the industry while I was here, even if only for a few minutes on the show floor. I saw Razid, Adam and about 10 other Intel former co-workers, Steve, Souris, Jane, Alexis, and of course a bunch of microsoft collegues, some of whom I don't get the chance to see much up in Redmond.

I'll post some pics and writeups of a couple CES things I thought were interesting, as soon as I get the chance. In the meantime, time to go catch a plane!

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