Thursday, December 1, 2005

What's in a blog?

I saw that CMP launched GameSetWatch this week, which (ahem) "aims to pinpoint and succinctly link to the gems of video game coverage online".

Hmm... I'm not sure what to make of it. Certainly can't blame CMP for wanting to hop on the blogwagon (Hey, I can portmanteux with the rest of you), and they've certainly put together a good crew to do so, including EIC of GDMag Simon Carless, the creator of Geeks on Stun, and BBC-ette Alice (link on the right).

That being said, there's still something irking me a bit, and I'm not sure why. Here's a try at a couple things that are nagging at me:

  • Will Simon's job editing GSW improve or diminish the quality of GDMag. Will it let the mag focus on 'big picture' type features, or will juicy items need to get up there right away. Same goes for Gamasutra, btw.
  • Where does a blog end and a website begin? And does it matter? On the continuum of sites that goes from, say, a type format, to a slashdot, to a boingboing or engadget, to a gewgaw, what's really the difference? I guess I still cling to an antiquated concept that a blog is a personal thing, but I guess that doesn't hold much water. I dunno.
  • Will we lose the better personal coverage from some of this crew? For example, I frequent Alice's blog, but it seems that some things that she used to post now will clearly belong on GSW. Maybe the rest will still be compelling? Maybe GSW will be a better place to frequent?
  • Will a corporate charter lead to the same pressures that a lot of mags/sites face, and will they be good about being unbiased/tainted? Pretty easy when things are looking up and lucrative like today, but if the ad market takes another 99-style hit, well, integrity is harder to keep when you need to eat, right?

Alright, enough negativity. I guess I should give the site -oops, blog- the benefit of the doubt, and so should you! Go give it a once over and subscribe to the feed for a while and let me know what you think!


Simon C said...

I hear my name, and I am drawn to the posting!

As regards GameSetWatch - to be honest, it's grown out of our wish to post slightly more frivolous, niche, or just plain 'cool' items that don't have a good place in the magazine or website, and use some of the best video game bloggers around to help us. I think that it can co-exist happily with Gama and GDMag, and actually complement them, too.

So... I think it's a little more of a 'cool links' site than a big deal in terms of journalistic ethics or corporate concerns - it has no great pressure on it to get 8 gazillion hits, but if people would read it, that would be nice, too. We'll see how it goes, eh? :)

kim said...

If that's the case, then it sounds like it could definitely be complementary. Keep the trivia out of Gama & GDMag.

Also probably the best qualification for a 'blog' too! I've sure posted my share of trivial links and the like!


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