Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Victoria and her not-too-dirty Secret

Flipping channels tonight, I noticed that The Victoria's Secret fashion show was on prime time TV, on one of the major networks.


It's a pretty peculiar thing if you think about it.

With all of the uproar about cleaning up TV, Radio & Games, the various other moves of the far right, parental & family values, etc... here we all are, 20 million people or so watching waif-like girls parade around in their finerie.

Is there any other branch of fashion that has justified a mainstream TV viewing like this? No. So clearly it's about the T&A. But it's deemed acceptable. Clean enough for mainstream, risquee enough to feel naughty.

It's like a tenth of the country is huddled together readng a Judy Bloom book and snickering.


Mark said...

more sex, less violence please :)

Anonymous said...

In television AND games