Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Random Observations

- Sorry to disappoint all you Sodoku fans out there, but I just don't get this game. If everyone had just taken programming 101 in their youth they'd see this as the simple algorithmic exercise that it is and we'd be done with this crazy trend that's going on right now. I guess there's something to seeing how quickly you can solve it, but apart from that, it just seems an exercise in tedium. It's logic Solitaire. Perhaps I should get rich starting an "eight queens" trend. Hmm...

- I went to the gym and also the grocery store yesterday and found it funny how "Athletic wear" (sweats, spandex/lycra, etc) seems to be worn out in public mainly by people at complete opposite ends of the physical fitness spectrum - those constantly exercising, or those to big to fit comfortably (or at all) in anything else. Athletic wear is the band-rejection filter of fashion.

- I tried and failed to watch Howard Stern's "Private Parts" movie from a few years back. I'd heard that it was a good insight into how the radio biz really works, but I just couldn't suffer through the movie so I deleted it. I noticed though that the first two actresses to appear in it are both on West Wing now. Coincidence or are the hooked up with the same management?

- I watched Metallica's Some Kind of Monster, which was an interesting insight into the process of creating an album. However, I don't know if I can accept all this "bands and their therapists" stuff. Whatever happened to bands working out their problems by trashing hotels and sleeping with groupies? Really, what's the world coming to!?!


Mark said...

It's true, Sudoku is algorithmic, as all these number puzzles are. It'd be easy to write a program to solve them. But it's a good exercise for the brain to work on them, they're a fun little challenge and a simple way to pass the time.

There's one called "Kakoru" that I like better; it didn't used to be called that, though. It's basically a crossword puzzle where each row and each column has a number value that is the sum of the numbers in that row/column - the numbers in each row/column are from 1 to 9 and can't be repeated. So if you have a three element row with the value 24, for example, it must contain 9, 8, 7. This is a fun game because you end up doing a lot of simple math quickly; it's good for those of us who are too lazy to keep our checkbooks up to date manually. :-)

KimPallister said...

Yeah, I guess you are right.

Now, shouldn't you be cavorting about northern Africa about now, rather than lame Microsoftie blogs?

Ya know, I used to say that people who sent postcards on vacation were clearly not having enough fun... :-)

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