Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ooof! My achin' thighs!

First time out on the slopes this season today, as Alisa and I took the day off (leaving kiddies with grandparents) to do a little outing.

Went and had lunch at Salish Lodge (butternut squash gnocci = crazy delicious!) and then went skiing at Summit at Snoqualmie for the afternoon.

The bad news: It's not a great hill, and their coverage wasn't great, especially on the black diamond run we ended up on accidentally (and which Alisa actually took her skiis off for and slid down on her butt). It's better than most hills back in Quebec, but certainly no Mt Hood Meadows or Big White.

The good news: It's 49 minutes from our door to the ski resort parking lot. WoW! Way closer than it was in portland.

Anyhoo. Think I'll go lie immobile for a while now :-)