Saturday, December 24, 2005

On the dungeon siegin' wagon

I've officially kicked my addiction.... to dopamine.

The steady drip-drip-drip of dopamine fed to my brain through the steady click-click-clicking my way throught Dungeon Seige 2.


What was I thinking? Was I even thinking at all?

I played DS1 (how many years ago was that) and while it was good, I'd complained it was TOO long.

Now with my gaming time at a premium, I have a lapse in judgement and install DS2 that promises (a) much more of the same, so not much new to see in terms of game design and (b) it's a sequel, so they've probably made it longer.

And WOW, did they ever make it longer!

After sinking as much time into it as I'd taken to complete Psychonauts, I get to a big milestone along the lines of "congrats, you have found the second piece of the four pieces of the big-ass magic shield you'll need for The Big 60 Minute End-Boss Fight of Carpal Tunnel Certainty".

SECOND OF FOUR!?!? And I think there's a sword to get after that!

I'm done. Games are too effing long.

And what better reason to blow the install than a brand new shiny CTP Vista build to install! Yippee!

//homer voice on
Mmmm.... shiny gui... mmmagugugghhh (drool)
//homer voice off

As the kids would say these days, Vista is the bombdiggity.

Now, I have a backlog of games to play over the holidays:
- Prince of Persia 2: PC
- SSX on tour: Xbox (what can I say. I likes da boardin')
- Burnout Revenge: Xbox
- Spiderman 2: Xbox (a bit old, but I'd heard some people talking about the web-swining mechanic, so I want to check it out)
- I have a BIG list of casual titles I've been meaning to check out for work-related reasons

And just in case Santa's been good to me this year and got me a guitar hero, I'm going to play it, and then I'm going to contemplate hacking it >:-)

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