Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Narnia Rap!

I'm way behind on my movie watching. Usually will wait to rent, but some movies you want to see in the theater, and Kong, Narnia, Potter, Aeon Flux, etc, are all on that list.

So last night on a whim I decided to check out Chronicals of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I caught the late show at 10:30 which was nice because I was one of only a handful of people in the place and could get prime seating.

Anyhow, great movie. Most are saying it's "not lord of the rings great, but great". I'm not sure. I think I liked it better. Some parts weren't quite as good, and it was shorter. But then I think LOTR could have used an hour less "Hobbits looking desparingly over panning vistas". Also, I think that real (vs mythical) animals are probably harder to animate as we are accustomed to seeing them move in a particular way.

Anyhoo. I enjoyed it.

But what I REALLY enjoyed was watching the PVR'd SNL this evening and coming across the Narnia Rap. YOu can view it here.

Not only is it funny... it's actually good. I want the MP3!


adam lake said...

that was hilarious! i never saw it that way...the chronic--les of narnia. watched the old british BBC one a few months ago...well until i fell asleep. sounds like this one is better, but there is NO WAY it has better effects ;-)

KimPallister said...

Not necesarily that htey are *better* (though they are really good), but that they took on harder problems. Doing animated humans is hardest, because we are so trained to look at human faces. Mythical creatures like Goblins/Orcs/etc, well, you've never seen one, so you can't exactly say "he shouldn't move like that!". I think things like bears, wolves, polar bears, leopards, etc are somewhere in between. 30,000 years of evolution plus 30 years of Marlon Perkins have trained us to look at animals :-).

Anyhow, go see it and judge for yourself. I liked it.

Mark said...

That was frickin' hilarious!!

There's been a real change in animation this past year; this summer all the animation I've seen has really struck me: Potter, Narnia, King Kong. Remember when we were all excited about the animation of Jar-Jar? Wasn't that just yesterday? ;)

CMelissinos said...

Wanted an MP3? You got it!