Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Could the homeless hold the key to the future?

Not that we should make fun of the homeless, but we appear to be adopting their savvy biz skills.

This morning I saw two guys standing out on 148th ave in Bellevue holding homeless-beggar-style cardboard signs. I thought they were going to read "homeless, 8 kids, need money.." or such. Rather, they read:

"Seattle Start-ups! We want to Meet you! Meeting Dec 8 & 9 at...."

So I'm assuming some crafty-but-desparate VC's have adopted this fine method of laser-like focus.

Crazy world.


Mark said...


KimPallister said...

Yeah, Daily Show did a bit on that guy. Creepy.

These weren't actually homeless guys. Just desperate VC's it looked like.