Tuesday, December 6, 2005

A boozy post

Ah, the dilemma of being a girl-drink drunk.

When we moved up from Portland, we had a problem: No bar.

Not to say there aren't bars in Seattle, there's bars a-plenty. Rather the problem is that our Portland house had a full wet-bar which I'd fully stocked with a full selection of booze.

The Bellevue house just doesn't have a good place to stock it all, so we've been getting rid of it the best way I know how - by drinking it! A little at a time, of course. All things in moderation and all that.

Anyhow. The problem is that, lightweight suburbanites that we are, we quickly got rid of the lightweight staples (Kalua, Baileys, Midori, etc, etc), and are now left with two groups of spirits: The hard stuff (whiskey, gin, etc) and the lesser-used-but-necesary-to-properly-stock-a-bar drinks (Galeano, Curacao's, Vermouth, etc), not to mention all kinds of mixers.

So I was tempted to buy some Kalua, which I enjoy in coffee or hot chocolate (especialement pour l'hiver!) but how could I when there's still so much other stuff in the house?

Well, surprise surprise, friends Adam & Stacey came up for a visit this past weekend, and came bearing gifts. They brought us a bottle of Starbucks Coffee Liquer.

YUMMY! It's of course very much like Kalua or Tia Maria or other coffee liquers, but they've added a stronger coffee taste to it. And if you know me, you know I likes my 'spresso!

Anyhow, I recommend picking up a bottle next time you are at the liquor store. Make your Happy Holidays just a wee bit happier!


Darius Kazemi said...

Hah! "Girl Drink Drunk" is my favorite KITH sketch.

KimPallister said...

Girl Drink Drunk is good.

Other fave's include the "Yeah, yeah... oh yeah!" old man, "The Affair", and anything involving the Chicken Lady.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any "Dinde Fou" in that bar?? We wonders with a smirk on his face....

Remember, if you do, it can be converted into the best EggNog known to man with a dozen eggs, some whip cream, a 1/2 pound of sugar (and a coronary).

I think that depleting a bar to nothing is the saddest thing I have heard in some time... you simply do not have your priorities straight - your twins don't really need to have TWO of everything... do they?

KimPallister said...

Not depleting down to nothing, just to a manageable level. When we moved up, it took four milk crates and a slightly larger cardboard box to transport it all. I'd like to get it down to "one milk crate full"

Dan said...

One of the best shows ever! I could go for a chocolate choo-choo.

Here are some of my fave lines that leap to mind (too many to count!).

* I'm Nutty Bunny #1. I like to frolic in the sun!
* Hi DArell. That's daRELL
* I'm a bad doctor
* Sausages!
* Straight out of my body and onto your plate
* I don't like liqueur!
* We forgot to talk
* Wow! What a lineup! But look at me! Hey! Hey! Hey!
* Pass the salt, family!
* Therefore, I should paint your chair
* Hey there, little mourner
* Poreef
* Voodoo pork
* This is the best-looking man in the world!
* M. Piedlourde Court un Marathon
* Lopez! Hey Lopez!
* Jerryyyyyyy Sizzler!