Monday, November 21, 2005

MS Fountain dyed "360 Green"

Walked over to lunch today and noticed something odd about the fountain outside of the building I work in. At first, being a pool owner, I thought "Algae!".

But no! They've dyed the fountain green in celebration of the 360 launch.

(note to peta-nuts: The fountain's heavily chlorinated to begin with, so no dyed-green-from-the-inside geese will be seen in the skies overhead. No need to worry)

On a related note, While I (a) hate FPS games on consoles, and (b) have been among those commenting that next-gen consoles (360 included) are going to have a hard time living up to the "next-gen" expectations of end users, I saw Call of Duty 2 being demo'd on a 360 at Fry's this weekend have to say, it' looked pretty effing good! The gameplay looked pretty similar to existing WWII shooters, but the amount of debris/particles/general chaos/etc going on made it feel a lot more "Saving Private Ryan". Anyhoo, they're on display in stores, so check one out and judge for yourself!

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