Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When advergaming goes wrong!

Good for you, Nabisco! You wanted a to have an advergame developed!

Good for you, a throw-the-cracker/chip-into-the-box Golf-style game! Great idea! Who doesn't love golf? Who doesn't love snacks?

Umm... now perhaps we need a name? What shall we call it?

Hmmm.... Golf... holes! Chips... corn!

That's it!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's play little CORNHOLE, shall we?


Good grief. What were they thinking?

Other advergames we may soon see:

Ford's "Back seat bingo"
Oscar Meyer's Whack-a-mole clone "weiner whacker"
Fedex's "Look at my package!"
Squirrel Peanut Butter's DDR knock-off "kick my nuts as fast and hard as you can!"

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