Friday, October 21, 2005

OUCH! Quake4 review

Robin Hunicke posted this comment on Quake4. Not sure where she got it from but OUCH!

(too good not to cut and paste)

Quake 4 has everything!
It’s got the graphics of Doom 3, the setting of Quake 2, squadmates just like Opposing Force,rail shooter segments like Sin,an airboat sequence just like Half-Life 2,mechs like Chronicles of Riddick,a recharging shield system just like HALO,a hot chick computer voice who coordinates the troops just like HALO,aliens holding glowing energy shields just like HALO,the grenade effect from FEAR,the shellshock effect from Call of Duty,a Scary Level without any enemies, just like Aliens vs Predator, and cheesy music stings when “surprising” things happen,just like every B-grade horror flick ever.

The only thing they didn’t put in was something to make Quake 4 a game in its own right.And I think they missed something else –what is it? –Oh yeah,the fun.

Maybe they’re saving that for the expansion pack.

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