Sunday, October 30, 2005

Networking escapades & other weekend tidbits

Continued my home networking adventures this weekend:

  • Ran 120v AC to the media panel so I can power the modem, router & switch
  • Spliced TV cable at a convenient (not) location and ran it to the media panel as well
  • Mounted ethernet jack 'rack' for the connectors
  • Plugged in the switch and tested & labelled the CAT6 lines I ran a few days ago to make sure they worked.

Next step is a difficult cable run from the room I use as my office down to the crawlspace under the house. Not sure how I'm going to do it, but would like to avoid running it outside the house. Once I get that one done, it can go live (even though I have a couple other lines to run.

What else happened this weekend? Took the kids to a twins-group halloween party (pix sometime soon. Very cute); did some work around the house; went to the gym (nothing injured this time!), carved 4 pumpkins (more tiring than the gym!), and caught up on work a bit.

Still have some work to do before leaving for the Montreal game summit this week.

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